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Change You Can Believe In?

11:58 AM Posted by Dafonzarelli

This was the Scene out side my home on Monday

This was Tuedsay

And Here is Wednesday

I supposedly live in "da hood". Its not a real violent area and its definately not dangerous to be outside at any time of the day, even the we hours of the morning. They only real reason they refer to the neighborhood I live in as the hood is because the city neglects this area. So they never do any work over here. In the winter we are always last to be plowed. In the Spring we are last to get the street sweep. I even got a DWB in front of my house, aint that a bish!

Usually, they treat the roads over here like an acestrial family quilt...

Meaning they patch the hell out of them. These streets got more patches than the boy scouts of America - Scouts Honor!

Basically, the fact that they tore the entire road apart means a lot. It probably means next they'll be tearing down the houses and sending the ghetto folk packing.

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