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Call me a Hater

6:13 AM Posted by Dafonzarelli
Gone Head...

So Rappers T.I. and Lil Wayne Babies Mommas, Tiny and Toya, have a reality TV show on BET. You can read about all that good stuff anywhere on "the net".

What I'm sayin is who cares?

The show is suppose to be about how the girls are "trying to find their purpose in life" but really? Tiny, T.I.'s wife baby momma, was a professional in the music biz nearly 10 YEARS before T.I. was even heard of. Now Toya, Lil Waynes Baby Momma, I dont know about and I dont care to find out.

What I'm getting at is why try to make this show seem like its something "empowering" or, how would you say, "Oprah-esque" when its not?

At Least I hope not because in all honesty that would be BORING!

BET is already the coon network. So why dont they get like 2 or 3 more rappers Baby Mommas (T-boz is a good candidate) and make it like BRAVO networks Real Housewives.

They could simply call it "Rappers Baby Mommas", at least then we'd honestly know to watch it if we want to see some tripped out foolishness.


if you dont like it then...

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2 Response to "Call me a Hater"

  1. A.Smith Said,

    As I've said before... just cause someone speaks the truth, that doesn't make them a hater. LOL

    I need BET to just try to give us something entertaining and non-coonnish. That can't be that hard, right?

    Posted on June 2, 2009 at 7:34 AM

  2. Dafonzarelli Said,


    either that or just make it all out coon-ish and shut the other networks down and show them how its really done

    Posted on June 2, 2009 at 7:55 AM


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