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Tom COON-ery

8:23 AM Posted by Dafonzarelli

Doesn't this picture of the White House look odd?


Of course it does, its displays a watermelon patch in the front. This picture was sent out by
the (former) Mayor of Los Alamitos, Califnornia, Dean Grose.

He has decided to resign after making poor judgment and decided to engage in such tom coonery. Thing is, had he been "watching his set up", he would have omitted sending this out to a black lady.

What was on this fools mind any way?

Dean Grose, you do NOT work for Madd TV, SNL or any other sketch comedy show, you are/were the mayor of a city. I'm glad you decided to do the amicable thing and resigned from your mayoral duties.

If you can not make the correct judment or weather to send an E-mail filled with racist inuendo to people, OR NOT TO, then how can you make executive decisions for a city?



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