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Poppin' Tags... Ahhhhhhh

6:53 AM Posted by Dafonzarelli
Aight, I was blog hoppin and seen some tags the needed poppin'
(wait 'til my rap carrer gets poppin)

So first I seen this on Martini & Scotch- Serving Shots and Hard News this a blogging by, no other than, Ms. Martini herself, an acquaintence of mines and I just want to thank her for providing info on Lil Kim being salty at her 'unsavory' portrayal in the Notorious B.I.G. Movie, that helped me come up with this weeks Word of the Week: Solacious.

She seen this on The Goodie Bag˙·٠•♪♥ Eff A Num.2 Pencil...I Check My Own Test ♥♪•٠·˙ a blog by Odara the Innanet goddess, at least thats what I call her. She's the Afro-dye-tees of blogging and will have you Cyber Screwed(Uh-Yay-EE).

She saw it on Fly Honey, who I really have no connection to, only about 3 degrees of seperation between us - But I did see her on Blogadelphia and apparently she loves to knit?

I also peeped this on I Am One Ten, my midwest homie in 'Tha D'. Yeah, he got me looking at the HTC Touch Pro, at least until I seen the price tag... I got kids mane! $500 and no sucky sucky with that? (Ok I'm still going to get one)

Anyway, OneTen tagged these 2 Ditzy Broads, randomness for just about every day of the work week, from Why Wednesday to Eff It Friday... yeah thats only a 3 day span, the ditziness kinda rubs off.

lets get the thang started

4 Things I'm Passionate about
  • My Music - those that dont know I am a musician
  • My Chil'en - I have a boy and a girl that I put on 4
  • My Art - I'm an artist too
  • My Money - you cant live off love

4 Words or Phrases I Use Often

  • aint this uh bout uh B*tch
  • I don giva F*ck
  • Alrighty Then
  • four 100's, eight 50's and ten 20's

4 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

  • Impregnant Halle Berry - I dont care if she 50 I can still try
  • sell an expensive painting
  • make love making money making music
  • see a black president, oops, well 1 down 3 to go

4 Things I Have Learned From the Past

  • never accept checks
  • crawl before you walk
  • look deep before you leap
  • good things come to those who wait

4 Places I Want to See or Visit

  • Amsterdam
  • Virgin Islands
  • Brazil
  • Amsterdam again

4 Favorite Restaurants

  • Red Lobster
  • The Rock Bottom
  • Hooters
  • any place I know someone that will let me eat for free or cheap

4 Things that Happened Yesterday

  • worked 12hrs
  • blogged
  • still found time to spend like $200
  • went to sleep

I would tag some people but I'm not


A.Red over on and congrats on doing her first Vlog and one the 1,000 something milestone.

Sane holding it down on WORD IZZ even if you dont like it I rock a shag (not really)

Oh Yeah, and God and My Momma...

Now back to what I do
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