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My President is Black II (read this $H!T)

8:56 AM Posted by Dafonzarelli
Let me first say I'm not the news and I'm not trying to bring you anything new. This is just my opinion on certain things that I hear or read about.

Ok, so last week my tout about 'my president is black' seemingly got overlooked. Maybe because its an effervescently over used shibboleth now that people are growing tired of hearing (and now i'm using big words). BUT ITS NOT GOING TO GO ANY WHERE. Simply put, ITS TRUE. As much as it should not matter, it does. As much as 'politically incorrect' it may be, it is NOT. As much as it annoys you/us/them to hear it and see it, its just as ambiguous. The 'my president is black' statement's ambiguity(an unclear expression) is tied to that fact that its perceived by most to mean something that it really does not mean. The best example is the song 'My President is black'. I dont care for the song, though I understand it.

Just listen to the hook... 'my president is black/my lambo blue/and I'll be got damn if my rims aint too/momma aint at home/ and my daddy still in jail/ i'm tryna make a plate anybody seen the scale'

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE, the president is black but the laws are still the same, the politricks are the same, the poverty and drug infestation of black neighborhoods are still the same. So while we are celebratory in President Obamas feat that we helped him to accomplish, that does not YET change the position that the 'black community' is in.

The real reason I'm doing a part II

There seems to be quite a few ridiculous claims made about this phrase, the most preposterous being the labeling of the song, 'My President is Black' (the remix by rapper Jay-Z), as racist.

The lyrics go...

my president is black
in fact he's half white
so even in a racists mind he's half bright
so if you got a racist mind you'll be alright
my president is black but his house is all white

So far not racism... maybe calling Obama half white is racist?

More lyrics...

Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk
Martin Luther walk so Barack
Obama could run
Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly
so imma spread my wings you can meet me inda sky

Still no racism, actually quite inspirational and uplifting...

Lets continue on...

already got my own clothes
already got my own shoes
I was hot before Barack imagine what i'm gone do
hello miss America hey pretty lady
red white and blue flag wave for me baby
never though I'd say this sh*t baby I'm good
you can keep ya puss I dont need no more Bush
no more war
no more Iraq
no more white lies
my president is black

hmm... maybe they mistook the word flag for fag? Even so that is still not racist.

They want us to stop saying 'My President is Black' because now Martin Luther Kings dream, of one day people being judge by the content of their character and not the color of there skin, is supposedly fulfilled?

At the same time they want full acknowledgment of his white half (to make it OK to them). This seems like double talk, well it is double talk and a double standard.

Fact is, people are still judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. Disregarding the FACT that the president is black is not going to do anything as far as racism in America. That can only be hampered by our actions more over our words, especially words in a silly rap song or from an off color radio show.

We will continue to say our president is black because the Historical American Assumption has made it so. We are going to continue using the shibboleth my president is black. Not because we are racist or want race to perpetually continue to divide our country; But to remind OUR president, continually, that WE got him elected into his position of power and that We are proud that it is him and that WE are behind him 100%.

Besides that we claim him. Even if President Obama wanted to be called white he couldnt be, even though he looks middle eastern, he's not. So dont get mad that my president is black.

I'm only sharing the videos because I think its funny as hell to hear theses fools have to say the rappers names and speak slower than the usually do and pause a little more than usual - I wonder why?(not really)

(this is the video where the call the song racist. yeah you probably seen it already)

(barack the magic negro song? - yeah you probably heard it already)
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