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Miseducation 101: Yezzir (yes sir)

9:18 AM Posted by Dafonzarelli
Let me appologize in advance because I know yall like this term but simply put its WE TODD DID. For example...

Me: you goin to the club tonight?

You: yezzir

Me: you gone get bubbly?

You: yessir

Me: so bubbly you go home with a stranger and wake up naked next to they fish tank?

You: yessi... wait a minute


YES, you sound WE TODD DID. I tried using the term but it gave me that "special" feeling and I aint talkin' 'bout love. I couldn't even get it right. Every time I said it I felt the need to position my right hand wrist across my chest in the WE TODD salute.

If you actually seen two people have a conversation and they repeatedly use that term, it puts me in the mind of those weird things on seasame street...

Its horrible to see some on like 40 tring to say it but again its so easy - wait for the question mark then insert a YEZZIR. Old Crackheads be using it, I see them on the corner...

Dopeman: aye, you wanna buy some crack?

Crackhead: y-y-y-y-yeddir (yeah no ess)

Then they do a crackhead dance

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