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And You Know Thissss

7:24 AM Posted by Dafonzarelli
Recently, its just been uncovered that our favorite patsy, Sarah Palin, daughter's, Bristol, BABY DADDY, Levi Johnson, quit his job at an Alaskan Oil Field because of his ineligibility to work there.
Confusing? Let me clarify...
This is Sarah and Bristol

This is Bristol and her baby daddy Levi

Straight? So, why should we give a damn? Let me tell you why...

This is the same Alaskan oil field that Palin's husband and Levi's father works. More importantly is the reason why Levi thought it would be a good job to quit. It just so happens that its required that you one must poses a high school diploma in order to be hired for that job. Levi AND Bristol have NO high school diploma. Though, its a little understandable why Bristol is not there yet, due to her pregnancy, but the same can not be said for her baby daddy. Last week Palin sought face time with the media to speak on those educational matters. Stating that Levi is working as an electrical apprentice, which also requires a high school diploma. Of course, the big question is, weather Gov. Palin used her powers to get her daughters baby daddy this gig.

Again, who cares?

Rednecks, heathens, trailer park trash, and ghetto birds, all over our great country do this all the time. All over America there are high school dropouts having sex, making babies, daddy gets them a job, baby momma parents get them a job, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

But lets put it in perspective...

Bill Clinton was almost impeached for receiving a blow job. ALL OVER AMERICA, men are getting their knobs slobbed and skeet skeetin' on hookers clothes. Right now, as I write and as you read, some one in american is getting some head. Right now, at this very moment, some prostitute, housewife, secretary, slut, scally wag, homosexual, and/or cashier at Micky DeeZ, is getting ejaculated on.

So why try to impeach a president for that?

I'll tell ya why, because those of higher offices are held to a higher standard of ethics. Thats goes for Gov. Palin as well. Just because your up near the polar ice caps becoming more pale and freezing your arse off, does NOT mean that those same high standards are frozen, and pasty pale, as well.

Now I can't blame Gov. Palin, really. What mother , in the right mind, would want there grandchild to have a dead beat, high school dropout, unemployed father; Or their daughter to have an umemployed, ignorant, Alaskan hockey player, for a baby daddy, slash, future husband. I can't blame her for that.

Gov. Palin MUST understand that we are in an instant, microwave information age, full of nosey, gossiping, grandiloquient individuals, who will E-mail, instant message, message board, and tweet, you personal business faster than you can say, "gee golly you bectcha".





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