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Miseducation 101: The Holiday Season

9:55 AM Posted by Dafonzarelli
Jesus aint the reason & Santa aint either

Marry Christmas everyone, whatever that means...

Being born in America, starting with our earliest memories from childhood, we are told about Santa Claus - and if you are Christian this is paralleled with the birth of Christ. As we grow older its revealed that Santa is fictitious and, in theses days, most of us come to learn that Christ was not born during the winter months; But why is this?

Without having to get too involved in the pagan origins of Christmas (Google it), these are the basics...

The Pagan Origin
Its actually all starts on December 21 (in America), which is the 1st day of the winter solstice. Through modern day knowledge, we know that after this day the day began to get longer once again. The growing of daylight becomes most noticeable on December 25, thus the reason its on that specific date. This brings us to the "sun god" references. Its said that the sun is dying when the "fall equinox" begins because days are getting shorter. So the pagans celebrated the "birth" or "rebirth" of the sun once the winter solstice began.

This brings us to the story of Nimrod (here is one version). In short, Nimrod was the ruler of Ancient Babylon, which was founded around the 23rd century BC (history of Babylon). Nimrod married his own mother,
Semiramis, who was also his sister. On a side note, this was after "The Great Flood", so maybe that was how they repopulated the earth... MAYBE. There are adverse accounts but when Nimrod died Semiramis claimed that she made a memorial for Nimrod and an evergreen tree sprang up from there, which is where the christmas tree comes from. Remember she was queen too, so when she claimed that the tree was a symbol of Nimrod returning "in spirit" and bringing the "gifts of life", it was not questioned.

There is a lot more to this story but I'm keeping it simple.

How the birth Christ come into play
So this pagan worship had been going on for many years before Christ was born. Between the Nimrod story and Christ being born, people who believed in only one God always regarded this as pagan worship. In fairness I will not get too religious but many reference to what we have come to know as Christmas, and the Nimrod/sun god/god of nature/god of life, are mentioned throughout the old testament of the bible (here is one reference).

Once again we know that Christ was not born during the winter months. It is said that maybe some 200-300 years after the death of Christ that the Pope (which would make it more Catholic than Christian, in my opinion) decided that the birth of Christ would be able to compete with the pagan worship or possibly forgo it up over time.

Again, there is more too it but I'm keeping it simple.

Modern Day Christmas/Rebirth of the Sun
Lets tie this together.

So the pagan worship/holiday was to celebrate the rebirth of the sun and/or the rebirth of nature in general. The evergreen/christmas tree is the symbol of the PAGAN holiday due to the fact that it is one of the few things in nature that does not "die" during the winter. People worship/worshiped this tree because they believe that if the put it in their houses that it would also invoke life for them. Remember that decorating the tree and leaving presents under the tree is done to make sure that the "sun god" comes and restores life to you. Also note that in order to put a present under a "christmas tree" you have to bow to the tree first.

The Christians/Roman Catholics thought, since it is not precisely known when Christ was born, that celebrating his birth at this time of year would counteract the pagan worship. The mindset being that when the pagans celebrate death we, believers in God, would celebrate life and vice-versa(which leads to Easter but I'll save that post for Easter). Basically, since we do not know the actual day, this will be the day we commemorate the birth of Christ.

Unbeknown to the Pope of the Roman Catholic church, of way back when, was the eventual mutation and mesh of BOTH celebrations that would occur. Santa Claus is a personification of Nimrod. Santa Claus is sang about and acclimated with god-like abilities. Santa Claus is not real, we know he is not, but through "tradition" we are suppose to deceive our children in to partaking in IDOL WORSHIP because they will get PRESENTS if they do. I mean, as a child i was told if I did not think Santa was real then "I don't get no gifts".

The name of the Christian holiday (CHRIST-mas) eventually became the veil that Nimrod has been able to be continuously WORSHIPED for THOUSANDS OF YEARS under.

Longer than we have been celebrating Christ!

The tree and the gifts are still the most identifiable attributes of Christ coming to the masses (the literary meaning of Christmas).

Christians receive the largest amount of blame for the pagan worship being perpetuated for so long. Instead of leaving all of the paganism out of Christmas they have incorporated the actual IDOL WORSHIP into the celebration of Christ. I'm all for a time of the year when we can show kindness to true friends & loved ones and what better time to do that than when we celebrate the birth of Christ!


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