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Take a Look Links

10:20 AM Posted by Dafonzarelli

Gyant Unplugged

The King of kiddie hip-hop and newly branded “role model” sparked a dubbie live for all his young fans to see.
Did I mention that its illegal to smoke weed?


My first management position was with “West Coast Video” in 1997. My management experience there was more of an asset than my college education. I will honestly say that this store had its share of drama...
Full Story Here

Gyant Unplugged

I know a rapper who came out and made over $2 million his first year, then he turned around and sued the label, screaming the label made such and such amount off of him and he wants more money.
Are you f*cking kidding me?

Gossip Jacker

A picture is worth 1,000 words? Most people have only 1 word to describe this...
More here

Gyant Unplugged

Dear Slim Thug,
Imagine my surprise to find you tweet, so negatively about “this bitch”, YOUR FAN you happened to see!
Read whole letter

Yeah I Said It!

See, these are the bytches the police need to be ramming their sticks up the azzes! You mean to tell me, you get caught shoplifting, and
you decided to throw your baby so you can escape?!?! WTF

In Hood Terms

What is a Culdesac? Look at the hair of the lady... THATS RIGHT LADY, on the right.
See WTF here


Jaime Foxx Halle Berry
Now, I don’t blame Jamie for wanting to tongue down Halle Berry at the Spike Mens Choice Awards. But looking at the pics,
it looks like he was enjoying that waaay too much.

Ripp Dem Up

Yeah, that's a State Trooper with his hands around the neck of a Black man who is an EMT.
This is why ALL BLACK PEOPLE should carry a camera!

Truth Merchants

If gay people are born gay–then yes, black people who voted for Prop 8 are hypocrites. You’ve taken away a right from a group of people because they were born a certain way.
Doesn’t that sound familiar?


If you are going to have sex you need to use protection but we don't always use it. Contracting an STD or hearing that someone has one is a bit appalling. It’s that whole “But it can’t happen to me” cliche.
In reality something like 1 in 4 girls has had an STD, it shouldn’t be shocking.


To “make her concerts affordable for all her fans,” Beyonce has set aside 2,000 seats at $20 a pop for all but one of the shows on her coming North American trek,
according to a press release from the Beyonce’s camp.

Diamond Dust

Many of us females lament how we hate being friends with other females. Why? A quick survey might yield you some answers like: females are too catty, or messy; females are too needy; you can't trust females
and it's so disappointing to hear that.


PyrimidWest does a 2 part interview with rapper Devin the Dude as he "gets his mind right"
Part 1 Here
Part 2 Here

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