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Call ME A Hater

12:40 PM Posted by Dafonzarelli
Gone Head...

On this first note I can only speak for myself. Last Friday, when Jay-Z's latest single DOA was aired, on Hot97 in New York, like I said before, I was excited. AGAIN, not because of Jay-Z, per say, and not because the song was SO HAWT. I was estatic that music lovers ALL OVER THE WORLD were at their computer and radios anticipating new music. Not only that but an exclusive that would have been exclusive to only one city, through modern technology, was available to the world via old school radio waves. ENOUGH OF THAT NOW...

What I really want to say

It seems that more people are pretty up in arms about it. The ploy was to create a divide about weather to be for or against the AUTOTUNE, and it seems to be working. I heard a "response" of course by somebody probably recording in their basement. Even Wyclef and Nick Cannon have a Autotune dis record. Now I'm hearing and reading about all these extra sensative people upset that Jay-Z is attacking autotune. Acutually he attacking autotune using RAPPERS - I mean, he did say "get back to RAPPIN, you T-Pain-ing too much" (not get back to singing, get back to rapping). Which only brings 2 rappers to my mind. The autotune is not going to die I think better choice of an autotune records popularity will be brought into effect.



This "Jumpin out the window" song is/was and FOREVER will be WACK ASS HELL. I think we all can honestly agree that that song only got air play because it was on autotune (same can be said for the "pop champaign" song with Jim Jones - OMG). So there is a serious problem with "The Industry" rewarding artist with air play because of their ability to make a song with autotune on it. Its bad enough we get force fed the other crap, now every other song got to have some MAX HEADROOM soundin' ass muh fuggah on it?


The two rappers that use this autotune are Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Now I can Not say this was aimed at them because Jigga mentions both of theses guy in the "DOA" song, and not in a negative manner. PLus, they both "changed genres" for their autotune ladden albums, though those songs will/are still on rotation on your local HIP HOP station.


There is one more rapper that uses autotune quite a bit

Maybe HE is the reason
the "Death of Autotune" banwagon
is not quickly over crowded...



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1 Response to "Call ME A Hater"

  1. Bahama Said,

    oh SNAP!!! love what you did with the site. And no I wouldn't call you a hater per

    Posted on June 17, 2009 at 5:59 AM


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