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Miseducation 101: For The Haters

12:01 PM Posted by Dafonzarelli
Alright Class Gather 'round as I contunie to expound on the Haterism Phenomenon...

For this lesson we will concentrate on the "for the haters" comments and actions.

Lately I've discovered that when people do things that are "for the haters", oppose to being for "A" hater, they tend to get into a little bit of trouble. The trouble comes from "the haters", which is general or generic, is not aimed at a particular person. See, you can not blanket haters because they like to be identified. So in essence you have to call the hater out - I mean, call "A" hater out.

Basically, Not for THE haters, but aim at "A" hater - you have to be more specific.

This video is a perfect example...

Exactly, Misconstrued is right Mr Juelz Santana

I totally agree that using the internet for spewing hate is an act of "gayness"(what is gayness or "acting gay" is a whole 'nutha topic). Problem is you can NOT get mad at a specific person(hater) then make a generalization about all people who hate.

Thats the trap!

We do not want to identify the specific person because we do not want to give that hater unjust publicity. At the same time, we want to subliminally admonish the embellishment of haters by , as stated by Juelz Santana, letting them fuel your energy, building off their hate, and other such statements. Thats an oxymoron if I ever seen one, its very self-contradictory and leads to these "misconstruments"(yeah I made that word up, its the Jessie Jackson in me).

Giving haters all this "praise" without proper recognition, is Mad, I tell you MAD. That like the Grammy's or Oscar's only announcing the nominees and not having an awards show. Like, these people deserve awards but lets not pick a winner.

Here is another example of a "recantation of hateration"
(if this video does not work complain to the website linked above)

Actually, if the video is not working Keri Hilson probably does not want people to keep listening to her back pettle (like beep beep beep beep beep).

So lets not do it to ourselves, if you see a hater "point 'em out, point 'em out". If you dont theses seemingly pointed generalizations will tranfsorm into misconstruments that will screw you - EVERYTIME. Then you'll have to make a Recantation of Hateration, that will have you back peedling like "go go beep beep".

If you dont want to "name names" at least name the "hoish" or "gayn" or "bitchass" activity that was committed - that way you dont get UNWANTED haters "fueling your energy", "motivating you", "giving you ennergy to build off of", or making you GO GO! BEEP BEEP!

Haters make you GO! GO! Beep! Beep!

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1 Response to "Miseducation 101: For The Haters"

  1. A.Smith Said,

    A real hater WANTS you to address them publicly, but they want you to do it generally. Haters are all the same, really.

    Point 'em out, like you said, and they lose...

    Posted on March 27, 2009 at 8:23 PM


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