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NOTICE: I do not break the news, meaning, I am not attempting to give you new information that you may not know. What I DO is BUST THE NEWS. This may be what you know but I'm going to tell you what you don't know - and drop my Ghetto Psychoanalytical Philosophy on dat azz...

I should of just call this post WHAT THE FCUK!

I know that most are already aware of the company AIG and the bonus crap so I do not have to go into details on that. What it comes down to is this

The information that these bonuses were coming up was out there. Thing is AIG got blasted last fall for their spa retreat booty meet junket, Wells Fargo was forced to cancel there Las Vega freakfest they had planed in February and Shitibank, I mean, Citibank had to forego their plans to purchase a mile high club magnet of a jet, in January. I guess we can say that AIG was already forewarned. After they got lashing in November, they also got to see 2 more examples in January and February. Also, there has been talk about the ridiculous bonuses that CEO's and such have been receiving - along with the talk about stoping it.


I'm glad AIG were such idiots because now President Obama has his team working on a remedy for theses such situations. This is exactly what needed to happen because for many years this has been going on, CEO's have been stackin then packin like that was the job.

I mean, what does it take to become a CEO of a company?

How do you get paid based on performance but even if you do not perform well you still get a bonus. That is NOT the definition of an incentive. An Incentive is to encourage a better effort or reward progress. It is quite obvious that AIG has not progressed but rather digressed. I can not, for the life of me, wrap my brain around the concept that theses people would still be entitled to a bonus.

They helped bankrupt a company and the company rewards them for doing that?

By giving them millions or dollars?

What the hell was written in those contracts?

No matter what you will be richer next year?

How can that be justified?

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