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Word of the Week: Perspicacious

9:38 AM Posted by Dafonzarelli
Perspicacious - having keen mental perception and understanding; discerning

In Honor of BLACK HISTORY MONTH, I'm choosing, for this week's word of the week, a person whom I had the opportunity of doing a report on back in elementry school. I did not choose this person he was actually deligated to me by my 5th grade teacher but I have never forgotten the history of this person. The person I'm referring to is Ralph Bunche, he was the first 'person of color' to win the Nobel Peace Prize(1950), a prize he won for mediations between Jews and Palestinians back in the late 1940's. In addition to being a diplomat, Bunche was also widely know for his continual ties to the education field and worked for prestine universities such as, Havard and Howard. Not to mention, that as a prominent African American of that time, he was impelling and expressive during the civil rights movement as well.

Ralph Bunche was perspicacious in his writting entitled, "A World View of Race", in which he compared racism and class warfare.

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