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I Be Poppin Tags...

2:26 PM Posted by Dafonzarelli

Today I took a break and just cruised the blogoshpere and will share with you what i endeavored.

I started with a stroll over at Diamond Dust and my gurl A.Smith dealt with some daddy issues. She got the idea for her post from Glennisha who told a tale about Accepting Things For What They Are, with her father. These two had my mind swooning this morning. Now I'll have to do a daddy post now tomorrow.

OMG, the 2 Ditzy Broads had me in stitches with If They Werent Famous....

I Can not forget about Mz Virgo she always got that good dirt. Wait a minute.... J-hud’s fiance wants to wrestle for the WWE?

That all for this here THIRSTday

Dafonzarelli Makievellli is out

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