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Tales from the hood: Happily Ever After

2:32 PM Posted by Dafonzarelli

It was the summer of 1999. Back home, in Milwaukee, for some crazy reason they decided to have a concert in the heart of the ghetto at Washington Park(click for and Idea of park). This park use to be a zoo back in the 1900's, when there was electric streetcars. SO the stage area that was use was not designed for admission pay. I mean, any other day we would be on that stage and playing over there like it was the swing set or basketball court - the crowd section was the size of a football field. So, they had put up 10 ft fencing around the stage to make sure people would pay to get in.


We from the hood, in our hood, and like I said, we use that area like the rest of the park; And a fence? We climb fences for fun, when there is nothing else to do. Remember the area is the size of a football field, so there was no amount of security or police to cover the whole fence. Plus people was sneeking right past the ticket booth anyway.

Now I do not remember all the acts that were there that day but I do remeber that Case was the headlining act and thats who everyone came to see. I was able to hop the fence with 4 resident hood rats and we were pretty much front row. Now that I think about it Case was low budget as hell. He didnt even have any musicians with him, all he had was two dancers and a microphone.

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