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Are you a Non-Believer II?

12:18 PM Posted by Dafonzarelli
I did a post called, Are you a Non-Believer? a couple of months ago. That version does not really give you the detail to which piece was formed. It was actually a response to an atheist, who was ranting about having "In God We Trust" removed from currency. I edited to make it more broad but it was originally like this....

Thats the problem with non-believers. They think that best thing is to erradicate God from everything so that it will not be on their psyche, thus no longer perpetuating their conscious carnal minds from being confronted with the question of, "is there really a God?" If you are so staunch in your disbelief, why does it have to be "out of sight out of mind?" Non-believers, hate God because they can not escape the possibility of HIS existance. Therefore they are never really firm in their own disbelief because, if they were, they would not equate words on monetary pieces of paper to effect their DISBELIEF. Non-believers, are usually not FOR anything, just against everything connected to their disbelief. True believers are not mad or upset by people who choose not to believe and it does not distract them from their beleif.


I refrained from using the term atheist but now some 2 months later I get a response. My Atheism Is Not A Rejection Of Your God, its rather long so I have an excerpt...

First and foremost it is a disbelief in a spirit-creator being who rules the universe. The idea and belief that there exists an unseen, cognitive, non-corporal, non-corporeal being that either intercedes in human affairs or abstains, is a neural process which does not operate in my mind. Efforts throughout my life to 'feel the holy spirit' or obtain this 'truth' as the faithful call it, have proven themselves to be frivolous. Though at one time many a concerted effort were made on my part to believe in and rationalize the god-being in which so many seem to have 'faith', it became evident I was not capable.

So, while you may see my disbelief as a rejection of your god, or a denial of

what I 'know' in my heart, neither is true...

Efforts to keep government secular and free of proselytization for god, whether specific or ambiguous, are not a display of hatred for your deity, merely they meant to demand an adherence to the constitution and require that the government remain neutral in the matters of faith. A display of a nativity, a menorah or any other religious symbol on, in or around a taxpayer funded government building or land by default endorses one or some faiths over others or none, immediately negating constitutional demanded neutrality.

First of all, there are a bevy of inconsistancies here, foremost being the title itself. An athiest is a person who disbelieves the existance of supreme being; And disbelief means you reject something as being true. Nonetheless, my real problem is with the latter of the statement. Why does atheist always run this seperation of church and state crap?

Can you practice disbelief?

It seems simple, if you disbelieve in something just deny it, refuse to acknowledge it and move on. But, NO, not atheist. I mean, if you disbelieved it was cold outside, you'd refuse to wear a jacket and go about you mary little way. Would you go around telling every one with a jacket on to take it off and not believe its cold? This is essentially what atheist do. They see "In God We Trust" on a dollar bill and equate that to meaning the government is forcing God on them. They walk into a government building and see a cross or a painting of Jesus or Saint Mary and think that corresponds to their constitutional rights being infringed upon. Thus, inciting the aesthetic of their corporal, or corporeal, animus.


Atheist are the only people who want to put a disbelief into practice. They are no better than the religions they balk at, except they use the consituition instead of the bible. Don't get me wrong, if you choose atheism, or not to believe in God, thats your business. But it becomes DENIAL when you can not even bare the sight of a crucifix. Its DENIAL when you cringe because a group of people say "one nation under God". Its DENIAL when you see those things as an attempt to proselyte you. Fact is, the mere sight of a religious artifact is not attempt to "win your soul" - its a display of ones beleif.

Just as believers have to accept the 'practices' of an atheist disbelief, they to have to accept the practices of the believers.

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