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AinThissaBowda: Obama Ked

2:55 PM Posted by Dafonzarelli


This is ridiculous. Obama shoes?
And not the equivilent to the Air Jordan
OR an Air Force One
OR a more fitting Steve Maden
OR even better a Stacy Adams type of shoe.
A $15 - $30 value.
Oh but throw Obama on there and the price MORE THAN DOUBLES to a $60 - $70 value?!?! Who in the hell is going to pay $70 for a shoe you can buy at famill dollar.
I can see it now. Nurses, RN's and LPN's all over the country are going to be rocking Obama Keds


Whats next?

Payless brings back Prowings or the XJ900

Nah, not even Obama's face can help those shoes

I understand, and appreciate, that we have an Iconic figure for a president but this is teetering between insane and 'We Todd Did'. I know Obama wants to boost the economy, but I'm pretty sure he did NOT mean using his face on boot leg items by inflating prices of generic brands. Then again the official Obama hats and sweaters cost $35 dollars - ALL ABOARD THE OBAMA WAGON!

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2 Response to "AinThissaBowda: Obama Ked"

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