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Insomnia: House of Saddam Part 2

8:16 AM Posted by Dafonzarelli
I was up 'til about 4am this morning, drinking warm milk, trying to get to sleep, and watching the Part 2 of House of Saddam.

After watching this part I came to realize that this was not a biography of any kind, really. I'm not saying that this series is portraying false images but this is not about Saddams life or about Iraq. I realized that this is one of those "loosely" based stories - where they take real people and real events and fill in whats missing with dramatization. The focus is really on the family and how Saddam controled them by fear.

Again I will not spoil the story for you but I do want to talk about the family member that stole this part of the series - Uday. Uday is/was Saddams first born son and the one to inherit the presidency; But Uday is a nut case! This Part starts out with Uday in a night club in Baghdad. First he just starts gropping some random lady, then he jumps on the stage, pulls out his guns and starts shooting. He did not shoot in the air either, he pointed at the crowd and fired away. There are also other instances: one where he pulls a gun out on a guy and another where he beats, that same guy, to death with a pool cue.

Tsk tsk... Good stuff!

Check out Uday below...

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